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Picturesque mountains and lakes, a stable economical and political environment, and an all-encompassing climate. All these elements make filming in Switzerland a very appealing option for filmmakers. Though a bit more costly than other European countries, the land of cantons is also welcoming. A 20% rebate can be rather motivating for larger-scale co-productions.

If you plan to shoot your next video production here, rely on Fixer Switzerland for top support. We know the shortest ways around, to get you to the top of the mountains and the box office. From film permit to translation, our portfolio covers a wide array of services. Explore the most scenic routes, guided by our dedicated location scout manager.Film Fixer in Switzerland

And if you wish to follow a lead on a story, let us put you in contact with the right people. Trust us to be your journalist fixer and we will make sure you get access to the most reliable local sources.

Gear for rent, crew for hire, formalities, you name it, we do it. Our experience speaks for itself and places us among the top providers of support. We strive to ensure you have all the filming resources you need, from day one.

Make the most of this unique blend of modern infrastructure and dedicated professionals. Plus, with the country’s modern infrastructure, you get all the supplies you want in a short matter of time. Fixer Switzerland is a one-stop-shop highly valued by foreign producers. Contact us to get you all set up for filming in the Helvetic Confederation.

Benefits of Working With a Fixer in Switzerland

Fixer Switzerland

Life can be like a box of chocolates, but when you are filming in Switzerland, you want more control. To ensure it’s your favorite kind of sweet, rely on our expert production support.

Fixer Switzerland is one of the top providers of production assistance, here to help. Our team of videography mavens is at your service, ready to make sure nothing is missing on set. Count on our local collaborators to provide you top-of-the-line filming gear.

Thanks to our wide network of partners, we offer you access to any resource you can think of. As an experienced film fixer in Switzerland, we can show you some tricks, to get the most of the incentive scheme.

We know the life standards and costs can be rather elevated when filming in Switzerland. Yet it is this high quality that we strive to reflect in the services we provide. Our production assistance is, by design, meant to cover all your filming necessities. For accessible top-notch gear or a professional pool of videography experts, message us.

As a fully vetted film fixer in Switzerland, we have the know-how and experience you deserve. Focus on capturing the most breathtaking scenery of this country. And trust Fixer Switzerland to handle the tedious procedures. Formalities normally take a lot of your time, but how about you let us assist you? Do not sacrifice your time or your nerves, trying to cut down on the costs. Fixer Switzerland offers you top support, at the most convenient rates.


Filming In Switzerland With Us

Switzerland film fixer

From blossoming trees to perfectly still lakes, filming in Switzerland is truly enchanting. Get the best angles and capture the raw beauty of this country on film. And let us give you a hand in obtaining all the approvals. Count on our all-encompassing production assistance to save you from the dull tasks. Focus more on the creative aspects of filming, as Fixer Switzerland handles the rest.

Once you have decided to shoot your next production here, one thing is clear. You deserve to get the ultimate support, for top results. From stunning locations to state-of-the-art gear, let us show you the way.

Swiss precision is not a myth, it is a standard for high quality. And that applies to all of our services.

Fixer Switzerland is ready to be by your side, from the very first day of production. Our location scout manager can help you identify the most scenic spots that match your vision. Cobbled streets, medieval cities, flourishing modern hubs, this land has them all. If you prefer pure nature, glacial lakes, or telegenic mountains, call off the search.

Found in the heart of Europe, this small country offers you a variety of landscapes. And thanks to its temperate climate, you can make great use of each season for incredible decor. You get to choose from white snow, golden leaves, fresh green forests, or scented blossoms. The regulations for film permits make it a breeze to get approvals here. So, are you ready to talk more about filming in Switzerland?

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